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Francisco Pelaez-Diaz

Francisco Pelaez-Diaz is a PhD candidate in Religion and Society at Princeton Theological Seminary. His research focuses on the appropriation of the notion of the crucified peoples –as coined by Latin American theologian Ignacio Ellacuría- by Central American migrants in their journey to the U.S. through Mexico. More broadly, he is interested in the religious and ethical aspects of the causes and effects of human migration in the context of globalization. Francisco has worked as an ordained pastor among immigrants in a multiethnic/multiracial PC(USA) congregation in Dayton, OH. He taught and served as the Academic Dean of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Mexico, where he earned his bachelor degree in theology.


The Parable of the “Talents” is a Parable of “Courageous Denunciation”

Perhaps this parable is not about stewardship of resources, in the sense of asking the maximum effort to produce the maximum gains, but is rather about revealing and denouncing unethical behavior that reinforces oppressive structures of the past and the present.