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Girim Jung

Girim Jung is Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Religion and Contextual Theologies and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at Iliff School of Theology. Dr. Jung specializes in Comparative Religion and Comparative Philosophy with a particular focus on East Asian Buddhism, Black Atlantic traditions, and Decolonial Thought. He is co-host of the Theories in Praxis Podcast with Dr. Philip Butler, which explores interdisciplinary theoretical texts alongside current events and its usefulness in developing strategies of liberation. He is currently working on revising his dissertation for publication, which proposes archipelagic thinking as a transoceanic approach to decolonizing comparative religious and cultural studies. The project links the Black Atlantic and Asian Pacific through recovering histories of political solidarities and tracking resonances between Black Atlantic thought and Huayan Buddhist philosophy.



Asian American literary criticism’s analysis of contemporary orientalisms centered around the figuration of Asian subjectivities reminds political theologians that unconscious (white) fear and fascination with the Orient still guides political and theoretical engagement with the Asian “other.”

Han Byung-Chul

Psychopolitics is Han’s main contribution to political theory. It reflects Han’s rethinking of Bentham’s panopticon and Foucault’s biopower as disciplinary society transitioned into a digital achievement society that defines our contemporary neoliberal globalized world.