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Grazina Bielousova

Grazina Bielousova is a PhD candidate in Religious Studies at Duke University. Bielousova focuses on the intersections of critical race theory, feminism, and religion, with particular attention to the way they apply to Eastern European context. Bielousova credits these academic interests to having grown up in Eastern Europe (Lithuania) during its turbulent transition from the Soviet Union occupied territories to independent, nationalist states, and to the first-hand experience of the role of religion in geopolitical and state building processes.


Jesus and the Economics of Scarcity

While even his closest associates would lean towards dismissing the people to fend for themselves, [Jesus] invites the community of the wilderness into a divine economy of care. Sharing, as a physical manifestation of that care, requires a suspension of the belief that scarcity is the only reality available in the moment of want.