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Jacques Linder

Jacques Linder is a doctoral student in Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University, where he focuses his studies on political theology, theologies of liberation, theories of race and class, and social movement organizing tactics. His work traces the theological and political conversations surrounding the creation, use, proliferation, and disposal of nuclear weapons and nuclear waste.


“Wherein Justice Dwelleth:” The Catholic Worker Movement and Political Theology Today

This symposium brings Catholic Workers and scholars together to discuss the future of the Catholic Worker Movement and its political vision of personalist, de-centralized communities that practice the Works of Mercy to create a new world.


Research and Me-Search: A Conversation with the new Catholic Re-Visions Conveners

As Catholic Re-Visions welcomes two new members to its leadership team, the three co-conveners sit down for a conversation about their backgrounds and the blog’s direction.

Welcome to Catholic Re-Visions

The Political Theology Network is happy to announce the launch of its most recent blog–Catholic Re-Visions.