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Janna L. Hunter-Bowman

Janna L. Hunter-Bowman, PhD is Associate Professor of Peace Studies and Christian Social Ethics at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. She is the author of Witnessing Peace: Becoming Agents Under Duress in Colombia.


Just Peace through Participation in Colombia

Beyond electoral victories for the nobodies, this is how the systems that produce “nobodies” might be transformed: through nobodies becoming political actors and what Pope Francis calls “social poets of transformation.”

Eugenics, immigration law, and Christian support

Christian-affiliated people who want to heed and hear victim-survivors’ voices and seek justice with violence affected groups need to contend with histories of support for racist, colonial, and sexist policies and programs. This blog post is an expression of my effort to do that.

Toward Agonistic Practice as Public Theology

Agonistic practices of lively contestation constitute a practical way to love enemies and thereby to do public theology.