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Jeff Liou

Jeff Liou is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary. Jeff’s research and writing interests center on issues of race and justice.  He has written articles and book chapters on Christian ethics, Asian American Christianity, and Critical Race Theory.  Jeff has been in ministry with college students and young adults since 2001.  He has served as a campus minister, a university chaplain, a professor, and a local church pastor. He is ordained by the CRCNA to serve in campus ministry as a theological educator for ministry staff.


Disownment and the Discourse of Death

To be personally acquainted with disownment and the discourse of death—simultaneously, from divergent communities—and still desire to be “servant of all” is, perhaps, one way to journey through death on the Way. Nevertheless, Jesus’ teaching to love neighbor and enemy is both beautiful and horrible, not unlike the Christ’s foretelling of his death on the way to resurrection.