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Luke Bretherton

Luke Bretherton

Luke Bretherton is professor of theological ethics and senior fellow of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University. Before joining the Duke faculty, he was reader in Theology & Politics and convener of the Faith & Public Policy Forum at King’s College London. His more recent research focuses on the intersections between Christianity, radical democracy, globalization, responses to poverty, and patterns of inter-faith relations. Developed out a four year ethnographic study of community organizing initiatives, this research is published in Resurrecting Democracy: Faith, Citizenship and the Politics of a Common Life (Cambridge University Press, 2015). These themes are revisited in his most recent book, Christ and the Common Life: Political Theology and the Case for Democracy (Eerdmans, 2019).


Visions of Creational Flourishing

A central feature of political theology is to expose the problematic ways in which modern political thought attempts to suspend or conceal religious and theological frameworks and, conversely, the ways in which religious and theological belief and practice is itself a mode of political and economic governance

The Author’s Response

Situated on this eschatological middle ground, political theology must reckon with how we live in a time when the kingdom of God is present, creating moments of transformation and rupture…To speak truthfully, political theology must also speak to the quotidian joys and everyday struggles that make up the ordinary time of our lives.