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Michael Barilan

Michael Barilan is a practicing physician (internal medicine) and a professor of medical law and ethics at Tel Aviv University. My research seeks the meeting points between moral theory and social history, paying much attention to the interaction between moral theology and bioethics. I have published two books in English: Human Dignity, Human Rights and Responsibility (MIT Press, 2012) and Jewish Bioethics (Cambridge University Press, 2014). I am now editing a book on ethics in personalized medicine, forthcoming by Oxford University Press, and based on a workshop I directed in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in April 2019.


Conscience, religious tolerance and public health

Even though the vaccination debate has nothing to do with religion, the public colored it with religious tones, and opted for policy inspired by the evolving culture of religious toleration and respect for individual conscience. After this move in the direction of post-reformation European culture took shape, public health turned medieval.