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Michael Grigoni

Michael Remedios Grigoni is a PhD Candidate in the Graduate Program in Religion at Duke University and a 2019–2020 Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellow. His research interests center on Christian ethics, political theology, and ethnographic theology. His dissertation combines these interests to inquire about the place of guns in U.S. American life. Having conducted over a year of ethnographic fieldwork in the Triangle Region of North Carolina with Christian handgun owners, on the one hand, and Christian gun violence activists, on the other, his dissertation develops a Christian ethics of handgun ownership that emerges from this ethnographic starting point.


The Entanglement of Guns and Christianity in U.S. American Life

Born out of the recognition that the place of guns in the United States cannot be adequately explained via statistical data—that qualitative accounts are urgently needed—these approaches aim to understand the logics of self-defense and self-preservation at play in forms of life in which guns have been incorporated.