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Sammy Alfaro

Sammy Alfaro is a pastor-scholar whose research interests focus on doing theology from and for the Pentecostal Latina/o church and community. He is an ordained bishop with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) and founding pastor of Iglesia Nuevo Dia (New Day Church), a Latina congregation in Phoenix, AZ. He is Professor of Theology at Grand Canyon Theological Seminary. His publications include Divino Compañero: toward a Hispanic Pentecostal Christology and a co-edited work with Nestor Medina, Pentecostals and Charismatics in Latin America and Latino Communities.


Latino Pentecostal Democrat: Oxymoron  or Prophetic Voice?

But how could Trump seduce a great majority of the Jesus-believing, Bible-thumping, church-attending evangelical conservative community when his values are so contrary to those of Jesus, the Bible and what the church should stand for?