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Sturla J. Stålsett

Sturla J. Stålsett is Professor of Society, Religion and Diaconical Studies at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society in Oslo. His publications include The crucified and the Crucified: A Study in the Liberation Christology of Jon Sobrino (2003), Religion i urolige tider: Globalisering, religiøsitet og sårbarhet (2017), and Det livssynsåpne samfunn (2021).


On Drawing Normative Distinctions: Populism between “Honest” and “Hijacked” Christianity

Normative distinctions between “honest” and “hijacked” Christianity are a recurrent reference in research on populism. Yet the practices in which Christianity is embedded and embodied paint a more complicated picture. By re-drawing the distinction between the “honest” and the “hijacked,” these practices enable critiques of the anti-Muslim racism that runs through populist politics.