Sung Uk Lim

Sung Uk Lim

Sung Uk Lim is Assistant Professor of New Testament at the College of Theology & United Graduate School of Theology, Yonsei University. Lim’s research interests center on the postcolonial reconfiguration of religious identity from a multi-ethnic and gender-inclusive perspective that is conducive to human dignity. His current book project entitled Otherness and Identity in the Gospel of John explores alterity through a deconstructive and postcolonial lens.


It is incumbent upon scholars to critically engage in the comfort women issue, particularly through the lens of political theology, in order to prevent future violence, sexual and otherwise, against various minorities throughout the world.


First, we must all remember our history and stop the blatant amnesia behind racial and power dynamics in our field…Women and enslaved persons were not a part of the founders’ initial understanding. The same is true for the founding identities of the Society of Biblical Literature.