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Zahiye Kundos

Zahiye Kundos is a scholar of modern Arabic literature, culture, and religion. She is a postdoctoral fellow of the Minerva Stiftung and the Forum Transregionale Studien (Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe research program), Berlin. She is currently working on an book entitled, In the Name of God We Will Be Modern (Once Again): Jamāl al-Dīn Al-Afghānī, Muḥammad ʿAbduh, and the Critique of Modernity.


Faith Without Compulsion: Reflections on Iran

Above and beyond the heartache that recent events in Iran engender among Muslims and people who are in solidarity with us, it harms what we truly and communally care about: finding creative ways to reassert who we are and what we stand for.

Who Are We, the Palestinians?

This essay is a backward journey to beginnings, belongings and theological political anxieties.

The Rupture of Desire: An Interview with China Miéville

The following is a small portion of a longer interview with China Miéville in the journal Political Theology.

Pussy Riot and the Church

This piece is from the Political Theology Network archives originally posted on August 23, 2012.

In Memoriam:                                                                      Metropolitan John D. Zizioulas and the Journey of Theology Toward the Future

The prominent Eastern Orthodox theologian Metropolitan John D. Zizioulas of Pergamon (Ecumenical Patriarchate) passed in Athens, on February 2, 2023.


From Myanmar to Mariupol, from the streets of Memphis to the waves and winds of the Mediterranean Sea: resistance to violence takes many forms. So does political protest against precarity. At which point does the unavoidable vulnerability of the living condition come to expression as political agency? Can such precarious politics constitute or configure an alternative community?