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Call for Papers: International Conference on Toleration and Secularization

The University of the Andes, Chile, will be hosting a conference on toleration and secularization.

Not long ago, secularization and toleration were integrated into narratives of progress and modernity, in which both of them were understood as deeply intertwined. More recent theoretical and empirical scholarship, including historical research and more nuanced accounts of secularization and desecularization, have seriously challenged oversimplified claims about linear development, and offered new and more subtle accounts of these complex processes.

In this context of changed scholarship, the conference seeks to further explore the relationship between secularization and toleration. The conference will be held 9  November to 11 November 2016, and it is open to both historical and systematic contributions from all the relevant disciplines. The organizers are happy to receive proposals from those interested in giving a 45 minutes lecture. Confirmed speakers are Andrew R. Murphy (Rutgers) and Vyacheslav Karpov (Western Michigan University).

Lecture proposals of no more than one page in length should be submitted, along with a short CV, to Professor Carl Manfred Svensson at msvensson@uandes.cl by February 15, 2016. A selection of proposals will be made and the authors will be notified by the end of February.

Further information about registration fee, accommodations, etc., can be found at https://secularizationandtolerationconference.wordpress.com/.

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