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Call for Papers – Signs of the Times: Christianity and Socialism

The department invites proposals from graduate students and early-career scholars working in theological studies, moral theology and ethics, political theology, and related disciplines

Call for Papers – Theologies of Revolution: Medieval to Modern Europe

The workshop aims to address the implications of re-opening historical debate on revolutions which take seriously the input of political-religion.

Call for Papers – Queer Political Theology

The journal invites work that shares its curiosity about how the queer as an ontological, ethico-political, historical, and materialist category worthy of exploration might in itself emerge from the meeting of the political and the theological

Announcement – Migration and Border Crossings Conference

The conference will bring together theologians, legal scholars, artists and leaders of faith communities to explore the causes, processes and effects of global migration

Call for Papers – Religions: “Political Theology and Pluralism”

Religions, a peer-reviewed, open access journal of theology, invites scholars to submit papers for its special issue, “Political Theology and Pluralism.”

Conference – The 2019 Telos-Paul Piccone Institute Conference

The Telos-Paul Piccone Institute, in collaboration with
Deutsches Haus at New York University, is pleased to host the 2019 Telos Conference, “Political Theology Today as Critical Theory of the Contemporary: Reason, Religion, Humanism.”

The Praxis of Organizing by Two American Muslims

“Organizing is very hard work. You might not see a result right away. But with enough education and consistency you can move the needle. And it also shows how refugee and immigrant communities, with the right information and with time, they become parts of the community.”

The journal Political Theology is very pleased to announce the addition of seven new members of its Editorial Board. These distinguished scholars further broaden the journal’s reach and scope. They include scholars of political theory, philosophy, law, anthropology, and theology, with expertise in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, based in the United States, Brazil, Israel, France, and India. They join a vibrant group of current editorial board members that includes Cornel West, Miroslav Volf, Judith Butler, and Rowan Williams. Here are the new board members: