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Democracy on Trial: October 13-14

What is the state of our democracy? Is democracy good for the world? How does religion support or hinder democratic practice? Throughout her career, Jean Bethke Elshtain has challenged both liberal and conservative approaches to politics, emphasizing the crucial role that the mediating institutions of civil society play in a successful democracy. She has identified the forces that oppose democracy: identity politics, utopianism, and an elitism that denies ordinary people the prerogatives of citizenship. Yet she has consistently maintained a realism tinged with hope, pointing to Jane Addams as an exemplar of lived democratic practice.

Please join us for the upcoming conference:

“Democracy on Trial:
Religion, Civil Society, and Democratic Theory” 

October 13-14, 2011
The University of Chicago Divinity School

3rd Floor Lecture Hall
Swift Hall, 1025 E 58th Street, Chicago

The conference is free and open to the public.


Featuring contributions from:
Peter Berkowitz
Stanford University

Patrick Deneen
Georgetown University 

Francis Fukuyama
Stanford University

Carl Gershman
National Endowment for Democracy

Ruth Grant
Duke University

Nancy Hirschmann
University of Pennsylvania

Linda McClain
Boston University School of Law

Martin Palous
Vaclav Havel Library, Prague
Florida International University

Peter Steinfels
Fordham University

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels
Fordham University

Nicholas Wolterstorff
University of Virginia

Sponsored by a generous grant from the McDonald Agape Foundation


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