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PTN at the AAR 2018

Join PTN on Saturday, November 17 from 7:30-10:30 pm at the Atrium Alcove in the Embassy Suites (1420 Stout St., Denver; just one block from the Convention Center) for our annual reception.

For the fifth year in a row, we are hosting a party in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion meeting, and this year’s event is co-sponsored by the AAR’s “Islam, Gender, and Women” Unit and by NYU Press as we celebrate the publication of Sylvia Chan-Malik’s new book Being Muslim: A Cultural History of Women of Color and American Islam.

We will also be announcing the winner of Political Theology Network’s inaugural essay contest.

Light refreshments and desserts will be provided, as well as a free drink ticket for the first 100 people to arrive and a cash bar to follow.

Also, make plans to attend the Political Theology Seminar. For 2018, the Political Theology Seminar is exploring the relationship between political theology and justice. We interpret the category of political theology broadly, including both descriptive and normative work that attends to the mutual influence of political and religious concepts (in any religious tradition). Papers will examine both (1) theoretical and legal accounts (the relationship of justice and democracy, for example) and (2) engagement with specific topics such as reproductive justice, racial justice, gender justice, global justice, climate justice, etc.

Part 1 – Saturday – 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Convention Center-Mile High 1A (Lower Level)

  • Ezra Tzfadya, University of Bamberg, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Cosmological Justice and the Political Theology of the Modern State: Rav Kook and Khomeini between Sin and the Liminality of Divine Law
  • Julia Berger, University of Kent, Divine Polity: International Religious NGOs and the Pursuit of Global Justice
  • Eric Gregory, Princeton University, Who Are the Nations for Us Today? Global Justice and Political Theology
  • Beatrice Marovich, Hanover College, Political Theology and the Earth

Part 2 – Saturday – 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Convention Center-Mile High 3C (Lower Level)

  • Marjorie Corbman, Fordham University, “God’s Judgment on White America”: Divine Anger and Justice in Political Theology
  • Amaryah Armstrong, Vanderbilt University, Race and the Refusal of Reproduction: Blackness, Justice, and Obligation
  • Robert O. Smith, Baylor University, Supersessionism, Political Theology, and Settler Coloniality
  • John D. Carlson, Arizona State University, Before and beyond Rights: Re-Visioning Political Order through Symbols of Justice

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