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Body Politics

Resistance in the Era of COVID-19

While COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, the violence exacerbated in its wake is anything but new.

This symposium offers a series of reflections on how the pandemic has compounded the ongoing effects of white supremacist terrorism, late-capitalist predation, and environmental destruction through ever-increasing consolidations of corporate and military power. While COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, the violence exacerbated in its wake is anything but new.

Contributions below will contend with COVID-19 in contexts ranging from Fiji’s continued struggle against imperialistic political economy to the stakes of the upcoming national election day on November 3rd in the US. Along with diagnoses of the challenges faced by resistance movements—either against the rising tide of new fascist regimes or 400 years of settler colonialist state violence— contributors will as well offer ways forward from here. This symposium is one effort to mark the time in which we live, to remember its violence is not without precedence, and to remain restless for a better future.

Symposium Essays

Pacific Resistance Unmasking the Old Normal in the Era of Covid 19

Socially, economically, and politically the time of COVID-19 in the Pacific has been a mixed one. In one way it has been apocalyptic (literally an “uncovering” or “unmasking”); truths about the region’s true political economy can no longer be denied. On the other hand, the COVID-19 era has provided opportunities for governments to “mask” and cover up inconvenient truths of the region.

Decolonizing the Disaster: Defending Land & Life During Covid-19

The current conjuncture of crises – climate change, pandemics, the rise of fascism and state violence, the backlash of white supremacy and heteropatriarchy against anti-racism, feminism, and queer/trans liberation, the deepening extractivism of capitalism, the further dispossession and disposability of mass incarceration and deportation, etc. – can be dismantled, swiftly, like a flood, a hurricane, a wildfire – if we can organize ourselves.

Choosing the Lesser Evil is Still Choosing Evil

On Tuesday, we perhaps must break the commandment to feed the hungry, heal the sick, welcome the stranger, free the prisoner – to love “the least of these” as if they were God incarnate.