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Vincent Lloyd Joins Political Theology


The editors of Political Theology are pleased to announce that Vincent Lloyd of Syracuse University is the newest member of the journal’s editorial team. Lloyd agreed to join the team as one of the editors beginning November 1. He had been a frequent contributor to both the journal and a contributing editor to this blog. Below is a short bio as well as links to more about Lloyd’s research and his book, The Problem with Grace…

The editors of Political Theology are pleased to announce that Vincent Lloyd of Syracuse University has agreed to join the journal’s editorial team, beginning November 1.  Lloyd has been a frequent contributor to the journal and a Contributing Editor to the blog.  Below is a short bio as well as links with more information about Lloyd’s research and his book, The Problem with Grace.

BIO:  Vincent Lloyd is Assistant Professor of Religion at Syracuse University. This year he is a visiting scholar at the Notre Dame Institute of Advanced Study. His research centers on the intersection of religion, politics, and race, and he is currently finishing a book project on the role of natural law in African American political thought. This book argues that appeals to natural law can function as both ideology critique and as catalysts for social movements. He is the author of Law and Transcendence: On the Unfinished Project of Gillian Rose (Palgrave, 2009) and The Problem with Grace: Reconfiguring Political Theology (Stanford, 2011), as well as the editor, most recently, of Race and Political Theology (Stanford, 2012). When not at work, he participates in local political organizing, and he enjoys the company of his cats, Sophie and Little Malcolm. More information on his research is available here and  here.


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