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Welcome to Political Theology Today!

We would like to thank all of our faithful readers for their patience while we worked on changes to the blog and ironed out software glitches over the past week.  You will see now that the blog has a completely new face and a new name—Political Theology Today.  Within the new layout, you will find the regular series that you have become accustomed to—The Politics of Scripture, Book (P)reviews, and First Person Politics—all with their own dedicated pages (and sections of the homepage).  Joining them are three new categories, which represent areas in which we frequently host posts, and plan to make much ore regular features: PT Through History, Current Events, and Catholic Social Ethics.  All of these appear in the top menu under “Departments.”  In addition to these posts, all other posts you see here will be filed under Essays; or, if they belong to one of the Symposia we host here on occasion, you can find them at the dedicated page for their Symposium.   We hope these changes will not merely make the site look spiffier, but will help readers better find the content they are looking for.

Of course, there’s lots still to do!  Over the next couple weeks, we will be tweaking the layout and look, as well as going through all existing posts and re-categorizing and re-formatting them to fit the new design.  So do keep checking in to see our progress as everything comes together.

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