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Announcement – Political Theology Today Now Has Facebook Discussion Group

The editors at PTT announce the creation of a new open discussion group for those who would like to talk about important issues of the day relating to the topic of political theology in general, politico-theoretical issues of an academic nature, or postings on the actual blog itself that could be fruitfully analyzed through extended convesation.

The link to the discussion group is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/groups/politicaltheologytoday/.

The discussion group is intended as a forum for thoughtful, civil, innovative, and minimally partisan exchanges among members.  Emotionally reactive, accusatory, ad hominem, abusive, insulting or profane posts will receive zero-tolerance and will be immediately deleted (this is NOT your adolescent sister’s Facebook account).  Participants who engage in such behavior will be blocked without warning.

The forum is also a context in which the editors of Political Theology Today can identify and vet potential contributors for the blog itself and nourish discussion of the topics of the day.  It also serves as a spontaneous “focus group” to alert the editors concerning what are the burning questions, and those issues which generate the most interest.

For questions or queries, please contact the managing editor Carl Raschke.

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