Christy Randazzo

Christy Randazzo is a scholar and activist whose work has been engaged in bridging the divide between the contemplative nature of theological writing with the active, lived theology of congregational life. They have done ministry across multiple religious communities in diverse settings, finally becoming a Quaker while earning a PhD in Quaker theology from the University of Birmingham. They live in New Jersey with their spouse and daughter, and are a member of Haddonfield Friends Meeting, NJ.


Wisdom is available to the entirety of creation, regardless of gender, class, race, or any boundary established by humanity.

The Politics of Scripture

The story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundational memory of Christianity. It is a story that not only tells of God’s power over death and the fragility of the empire’s power over life, but also demands that all perspectives be heard, in a grand cacophony of voices, all in common song, singing of the impossible mystery: Jesus is risen, indeed.

The Politics of Scripture

Luke makes it clear that it is God, and God alone, who can best align our lives and realities, to make us whole and healthy, and to give us a life worth living, a life most “human.”

The Politics of Scripture