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Shawnee Daniels-Sykes

Shawnee Marie Daniels-Sykes is a Professor of Theology and Ethics at Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She earned her doctorate from Marquette University, Milwaukee, and is currently the only African American female Catholic bioethicist in the United States. Dr. Daniels-Sykes is also a Registered Nurse for the state of Wisconsin. A published author, in addition, she is a national and international speaker on topics related to beginning, middle, and end of life issues.


Dismantling White Privilege: A Reflection on Open Wide Our Hearts

Since the arrival of the first African slaves at Jamestown in 1619, Eurocentric racist ideals and practices have been embedded in the culture of the United States. The Church must learn from the history of racism in the United States if it is to dismantle systemic racism.