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Conference – Socialist Aspirations: Religion, Atheism and Ethical Life

The University of Chicago Divinity School, in partnership the Political Theology Network, is pleased to host the conference, “Socialist Aspirations: Religion, Atheism and Ethical Life.” The conference convenes a group of twelve scholars from a variety of disciplines (history, anthropology, geography, theology and philosophy) to examine the ethical and moral dimensions of socialism across domains of ideology, institutional organization, and aesthetic expression. Scholars will compare different moral vocabularies of socialism in religion, atheism and politics. Advancing an international perspective toward socialism, the participants will engage socialism’s global trajectories including the cultural and racial legacies of Marxism, postcolonial conundrums of sovereignty, and the geopolitics of feminist and working-class movements.

The conference will take place January 6-7, 2019 at the University of Chicago Divinity School. To RSVP please contact Kellan Klaus by January 2 at kellan@uchicago.edu. 

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