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Economic Inequality: Can Theology Say Something New? – Kate Ward

One thought on “Economic Inequality: Can Theology Say Something New? – Kate Ward

  1. [Pope Francis is well known as a fiery critic of societal and global inequality, perhaps most memorably in his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.]

    Yes, but we must practice what we preach. For example,

    Action item number one

    “A preferential option for the poor” should be maintained in everything we do as a Church.
    Here is a good place to start: our Catholic schools. If we find that we cannot afford to keep our schools open to the poor, the Church should be ready to use its resources for something else which can be kept open to the poor. We cannot allow our Church to become a church primarily for the middle-class and rich while throwing a bone to the poor. The priority should be given to the poor even if we have to let the middle-class and rich fend for themselves.
    Practically speaking, the Catholic schools must give up general education in those countries where the State is providing it. The resources of the Church could then be focused on Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and other programs which can be kept open to the poor. These resources could then be used to help society become more human in solidarity with the poor. Remember, the Church managed without Catholic schools for centuries. It can get along without them today. The essential factor from the Christian point of view is to cultivate enough Faith to act in the Gospel Tradition, namely, THE POOR GET PRIORITY. The rich and middle-class are welcome too. BUT THE POOR COME FIRST.

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