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How “Theological” Is Political Theology? Special Session At American Academy Of Religion

The editors of Political Theology and Political Theology Today extend an invitation to join us in a special session on the degree to which political theology is actually “theological”.  The session will take place as part of the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Antonio, Texas, November 19-22.

Theme: How Theological is Political Theology?

Andrea C. White, Union Theological Seminary, Presiding

Monday – 1:00 PM-3:30 PM

Convention Center-221B (2nd Level – East)


This exploratory session will bring together scholars from various religious studies subfields to discuss the question “how theological is political theology?”

Building on the successful discussion of 2015’s “Political Theology Today”, this session will further probe the methodological questions at the heart of political theology: Is political theology inherently theological? If so, which theology and whose theology? To what ends and used how? The session will explore the way political theology has been taken up across fields such as philosophy of religion, ethics, African American religion, Jewish Studies, sexuality studies, and more broadly in the humanities and social sciences.

It will use this question to further discussion about the contemporary state of the field. Panelists will discuss what political theology means in their own work, how they see a unified conversation about political theology emerging and what future directions they suspect it will take.


  • Martin Kavka, Florida State University
  • Catherine Keller, Drew University
  • Ruth Marshall, University of Toronto
  • Charles Mathewes, University of Virginia
  • David Newheiser, Australian Catholic University
  • Ruben Rosario Rodriguez, Saint Louis University
  • Fred Simmons, Center of Theological Inquiry

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