The Preferential Option for the Middle Class


3 thoughts on “The Preferential Option for the Middle Class

  1. Thanks for the post, Matt. You conclude, “In response to our candidates’ lack of focus on the poor, Catholics should work to create a bipartisan consensus in favor of the poor.” Would you say more about this effort, perhaps in another post? Especially given your next statement: “A majority of Americans believe that the government should provide a social safety net (although the number is declining), so we should work to ensure adequate funding for programs that assist the poor.”

    1. I will see what I can do. I am supposed to be writing something on Vatican II over at this week, but I will get to it next week.

      I was actually surprised by how slim the majority was in favor of a safety net, so probably pretty high up there on the bipartisan consensus should be convincing people how vital a safety net is!

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