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The Burial of the Count of Orgaz by El Greco (Public Domain)
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Relaunch of ‘Political Theologies’ Book Series

The Editors of the Political Theologies book series from Bloomsbury Academics seek book proposals.

Antonio Bradley and Anthony Cerella announce the relaunch of their ‘Political Theologies’ series through Bloomsbury Academics.

This series explores the past, present, and future of political theology. It seeks to provide a forum for new research on the theologico-political nexus including cutting-edge monographs, edited collections and translations of classic works. By privileging creative, interdisciplinary, and experimental work that resists easy categorization, this series not only re-asserts the timeliness of political theology in our epoch but seeks to extend political theological reflection into new territory: law, economics, finance, technology, media, film and art. In Political Theologies, we seek to rethink the ancient problem of political theology for the 21st century.

Proposals: We welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars that meet the criteria of our series. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a monograph or edited collection, please contact us.


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