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Submit now! 2nd Annual Essay Contest

What should hold the field of political theology together? Or, is asking such a question merely an attempt to consolidate hegemony?

The Political Theology Network is calling for submissions for its second annual essay contest. Authors should submit essays of no more than 1000 words that respond in some way to our recently published points of unity. We are interested in essays that critique, extend, or make concrete those points of unity in specific ways. How are the commitments articulated in the points of unity problematic or ideological? How might these areas of consensus be extended or expanded? What projects in and around political theology are manifesting these commitments in exemplary ways? Essays will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel of scholars for their insight, creativity, and persuasiveness. Submissions from tradition-based as well as secular scholars, religious leaders, and activists are welcome.

Essays must be submitted by November 1, 2019 to politicaltheologynetwork@gmail.com with the subject line “Essay Contest Submission.” Only one submission per author please. Essays should follow closely the Style and Format guidelines published on the Political Theology Network’s website (with the exception that essays should be a maximum of 1000 words). The essays of up to five semifinalists will be published as a symposium on the Political Theology Network and the winner of the contest and a cash prize of $750 will be announced at the Political Theology Network’s reception at the AAR/SBL in San Diego in November 2019. Please contact Kyle Lambelet at politicaltheologynetwork@gmail.com with any questions.

One thought on “Submit now! 2nd Annual Essay Contest

  1. Darn it. A missed opportunity?
    I’m unsure why I’m just finding this email and this request for essay submissions today which is four days after the date essays need to be submitted. May have something to do with being a farmer and spending majority of wake hours out of doors and very little interest in computers.
    I write essays in my head all day long while tending to the animals, which connects all health as inclusive: Being and planet health, spirit, mind & body.


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