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Tradinistas: A New Catholic Socialism?

In a post published on Friday, I discussed a recently established group, the Tradinistas, who seek to wed a traditional Catholicism with socialism. In that post, I began an assessment of the Tradinistas’ attempt at a Catholic socialism to date, which I will continue in this post.

I argued that the Tradinista case for a Catholic socialism is based on a bait and switch. The “bait” is the adoption of a definition of socialism broad enough to ensure its compatibility with Catholic teaching. The “switch” is the advocacy for a particular form of socialism as if it had been established that this form is compatible with Catholic teaching, when that is far from the case.

Symposium Essays

Tradinistas: A New Catholic Socialism?, Part 1

The economic crisis of 2007-08 contributed to an increasing sense of disillusionment with the mainstream economic thinking of the left and particularly of the right, and as a result a number of heterodox ideas and traditions have gained renewed interest. This disillusionment has led to a great deal of ferment in Catholic circles in particular because Catholic social thought offers an intellectually rich tradition of thinking on economic issues that does not fit easily into mainstream categories.