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The Danger of Neutrality (Annie Selak)

3 thoughts on “The Danger of Neutrality (Annie Selak)

  1. We also need to examine the Catholic church’s role in this election. In all the parishes on Long Island, Bishop Murphy had a letter read that stated that a Catholic should not vote for anyone who supported abortion.

  2. Finally got around to reading this, and I’m glad I did! I was also annoyed with the “can’t wait til this is over” statements leading to the election. Kept thinking “are you kidding? This will continue, no matter the outcome.” And now it is. I’m still practically in denial, which I know means I border on “neutral,” which I don’t like. Thanks for the reminder that it’s dangerous territory.

    I’ve also been struggling with the “Christians elected Trump” narrative… And this article helps me articulate why. We do need to be firmly on the side of the poor & marginalized. How could so many Christians get it wrong? Aren’t they reading the same book I am?

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