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Luce Foundation Awards Major Grant To POLITICAL THEOLOGY

The Henry R. Luce Foundation has awarded a $200,000 grant to support the development of programming, network-building, and online discussion around the journal Political Theology.

The grant is aimed at developing an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in the intersection of religion and politics, building on the intellectual community that has already gathered around the journal.

Among the initiatives that will receive Luce funding are: political theology conversations around other disciplinary conferences, including the American Academy of Religion, the Modern Language Association, and the Association for Political Theory; an increased web presence that highlights the interdisciplinarity of the field; and a mentorship program focused on graduate students from groups currently underrepresented in the field.

The initiative will be based at Villanova University’s Villanova Political Theology Project, working in partnership with other universities.

Political Theology editors David True, of Wilson College, and Vincent Lloyd, of Villanova University, are working to expand the leadership team of this project, bringing together senior and junior scholars working on a range of issues, with a range of methodologies.

Ultimately, the grant aims to incubate a network of scholars interested in political theology, creating spaces for conversation and exchange that will enrich the field of political theology in the years to come.

3 thoughts on “Luce Foundation Awards Major Grant To POLITICAL THEOLOGY

  1. This sounds like an exciting project. Glad to know about it, since I have been teaching and working in this area.

  2. What a great initiative in the advancement of the discipline of Religion in as much as it integrates with the secular politics. The impact of Religion is quite far reaching as evidenced even in the history of Christianity. It still has to baffle the minds of Religious scholars what place religion has in the secular politics.

  3. We need such projects in theological disciplines. I am one of the interested students and a scholar in political theology issues.

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