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PTN Summer Reading Group on Stuart Hall

PTN will convene a reading group on Stuart Hall’s thought.

Vincent Lloyd and Jonathan Tran are convening a Political Theology Network reading group this summer. We will read four essays by Stuart Hall as a way to think about whether Hall is a resource for engaging questions at the intersection of political theology and race. All are welcome!

Friday, June 21: “Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms”

Tuesday, July 2: “Gramsci’s Relevance for the Study of Race and Ethnicity”

Friday, July 19: “Race, Articulation, and Societies Structured in Dominance”

Friday, August 2: “Teaching Race”

All meetings at noon Eastern US time. To register and receive the readings, please email Vincent Lloyd (vincent.lloyd@villanova.edu) and Jonathan Tran (Jonathan_Tran@baylor.edu).

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