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New Queer Re-Visions of Catholic Political Theology

How would Roman Catholic political theology and ethics change if it took seriously the experiences and thought of queer Catholics?

White Evangelicals and Right-wing Populism

The irony of American populism is that the very anti-authoritarianism and community building that contributed much to American vibrancy and that are bequeathed to evangelicals by history and doctrine may under distress turn to self-protective, us-them defense.

Ukraine: What Ought to be Done?

As many Ukrainian scholars and intellectuals have opined, the Western media has allowed Russia and Putin to set the narrative for the invasion.

George Shulman’s Letters on Political Theology

This symposium celebrates George Shulman’s work on political theology by continuing the conversation that formally concluded when Shulman’s “Political Theology” seminar met for the last time in the spring of 2021.

On the Catholicity of Desire

Although its aim is to provide a snapshot of our research and thinking on the topic of desire, this symposium hints at aspects of ourselves as desiring subjects, as people who bring differing social and sexual identities to their work, and who inhabit religious and secular worlds in diverse ways.

Disciplinary crossings

Why are anthropologists and theologians drawn to each other? What are they seeking?

Law and Order Catholicism

This roundtable will reflect on the ways “law” and “order,” as secular and religious concepts, have constructed and reproduced racialized notions of “ideal” citizenship and religion in the context of US Catholicism.

Just Universities, Just Economics

Each essay in this symposium inspired by Beyer’s volume constitutes an important contribution to the ongoing discourse about the ways corporatized higher education impacts academia in the U. S. today, especially the missions of religious institutions of higher learning.

Critical Theory for Political Theology: Keywords

Critical Theory for Political Theology introduces its latest series of posts on keywords within Critical Theory.

“Wherein Justice Dwelleth:” The Catholic Worker Movement and Political Theology Today

This symposium brings Catholic Workers and scholars together to discuss the future of the Catholic Worker Movement and its political vision of personalist, de-centralized communities that practice the Works of Mercy to create a new world.

Perspectives on Asian Americans and the Spirit of Racial Capitalism

“Christianity redounds to its own political economy, first by making economy a general feature of creaturely existence and second by relating the kingdom of God to the economy of God, speaking of God’s reign as God’s grace. Racism and racial capitalism—epitomized but not exhausted by white supremacist Christian religion—are distortions of God’s kingdom and economy, rejections of divine rule and divine desire” (Asian Americans and the Spirit of Capitalism, 15).