What are the prospects and limits of confronting sexual violence from within political theology?

For this symposium, we asked our contributors to reflect on possible points of intersection between ecology and political theology.

What is at stake in invoking “love” in political spheres? When we claim that “Love Trumps Hate”, what vision of “love” are we championing? When and how is it valuable for activists and religious leaders to make recourse to the idea of “love”? What kind of obligations does “love” entail?

Truth be told, the world is much larger than we are able to remember.

What is the role of the public theologian in unveiling the racialized discourse of public theology itself?

For this symposium, we asked respondents to reflect on the question, “What are the political implications of naming a text sacred?”

These essays chip away at the patina that has built up around King’s figural representation in our collective political culture.

Working for toilet justice is a vivid, material, concrete way to demand space for marginalized bodies, and to resist a respectability politics that sacrifices problematic bodies for the sake of political expediency

Does political theology offer strategies for resisting injustice? Or should political theology itself be resisted?

Books We Love

What five books at the intersection of religion and politics inspire you?

We delve into the theoretical and politico-theological genesis of the crisis of neo-liberalism.