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The originality of this school is to bring a decolonial view to Theology of Liberation that is sensitive to questions of coloniality of power, being and knowledge.

Proposals are invited for papers that address any aspect of “peace” from within Islamic or Christian frameworks.

The goal is to help facilitate completion of the dissertation and to assist students in transitioning to careers. The workshop will also provide students with a network of peers in the field and allow for a discussion about the state of political theology more broadly

Is it the case that the European political theology is indeed derived, not from the universal requirements of any sovereign order (as Schmitt sometimes claimed), but rather from specific Christian underpinnings? Or is it the case that a fundamentally similar political ideology, one which depends on the logic of sovereignty rather than on parochial cultural assumptions, can indeed be found elsewhere?

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This special issue on “Human Dignity, Religion, and Rights in Contemporary China” features debates over religion and politics in China today. Political theology in China raises many questions that western readers will find familiar, but the Chinese context often requires different answers, so that gaining familiarity with the Chinese discussion can broaden our view of the available options at the intersection of religion and politics.

New issues from the twentieth year of our journal feature articles on Hobbes, poverty, Indonesia, and more, as well as a special issue on Christos Yannaras.

The essays sought will both demonstrate ongoing ethnographic research and address the questions of the call: how to relate the post-liberal and liberationist motivations behind this work, and/or the gap between fact and norm.

We invite 200-300 word proposals on political theology broadly understood.

PTN seeks essays that explore the confluences of political theology with either particular texts in the genres of speculative fiction or the imaginative and analytic work involved in speculative fiction as a social practice

Join a reading group sponsored by the Political Theology Network treating Fanon’s book Black Skin, White Masks.